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CloudShrinker URL Shortener minpay $5

CloudShrinker is a url shortener website.

Why CloudShrinker?

  • No captcha;
  • No popup ads;
  • Timely payment;
  • Only 3 pages;
  • Support by telegram and whatsapp.

We do not Allow:

  • Adult Links;
  • Multiple accounts will be not allowed, One user can have only one account;
  • Redirect Loop – Using other shortner in our shortner and ours in other shortner is strictly prohibited;
  • Bot Traffic;
  • Self Clicks(VPN/Proxy) – Doing Self Clicks using VPNs / Proxy will result in termination of your account without payment.

Payment FrequencyNET30

Payment Method: Paypal, Payeer

Minimum Payment$5



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