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Viewdeos CPM network minpay $100

Viewdeos strives to add additional revenue stream to publishers while preserving the user experience with ad units and enriching editorial content with relevant video content. Advertisers can access unique websites at scale with performance that addresses their KPIs.

Our solution is delivered as a customized, fully managed, all-in-one service that includes:

  • Video Technology Infrastructure – From content ingestion to video delivery: advanced technologies to support consistently optimized performance;
  • Video Player – Versatile player options to suit publisher requirements;
  • Video Content – Offering publishers two options: Utilizing client content which we automatically embed, Utilizing Viewdeos content with a match at the site level;
  • Access To Premium Advertisers – From local brands to leading global brands across verticals and markets;
  • Video Ads – Empowering proactive monetization via real-time bidding and optimal ad viewability, with enhanced customer experience.

Payment Frequency: NET60

Minimum Payment$100

Payment Method: Paypal, Wire

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